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Afriend of a friend of ours is a frequent business traveler. Let’s
call him Dave. Dave was recently in Atlantic City for an important
meeting with clients. Afterward, he had some time to
kill before his flight, so he went to a local bar for a drink.
He’d just finished one drink when an attractive woman approached
and asked if she could buy him another. He was surprised
but flattered. Sure, he said. The woman walked to the bar and
brought back two more drinks—one for her and one for him. He
thanked her and took a sip. And that was the last thing he remembered.
Rather, that was the last thing he remembered until he woke up,
disoriented, lying in a hotel bathtub, his body submerged in ice.
He looked around frantically, trying to figure out where he was
and how he got there. Then he spotted the note:
don’t move. call 911.
A cell phone rested on a small table beside the bathtub. He
picked it up and called 911, his fingers numb and clumsy from the
ice. The operator seemed oddly familiar with his situation. She said,
“Sir, I want you to reach behind you, slowly and carefully. Is there a
tube protruding from your lower back?”