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“…anthropological research and insight can help a business decode socio-cultural factors … This can help a business think in a way that is future forward”

Financial Post, August 2017

“We say technology, but we mean innovation. We say interoperability and open data, but we mean culture change. And this is why the HHS CTO is an anthropologist”

Forbes, April 2016

“If I can help our clients step back and ask bigger questions about how and why society is changing, they will be better prepared to build strategies for the future”

Susan Kresnicka, anthropologist, marketing agency Troika in Forbes, January 2016

Corporate ethnography isn’t just for innovation anymore. It’s central to gaining a full understanding of your customers and the business itself. The ethnographic work at my company, Intel, and other firms now informs functions such as strategy and long-range planning

HBR, March 2009



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