Make your doubt efficient

There is an idea that it is an obstacle to business success in business circles. We often regard doubt as weakness. Business books and trainees talk about certainty – only certainty and confidence secure a victory. Strong consciousness of being right makes a result possible. Indeed, how we can create something if we hesitate in our activity? The question “Is it really like that?” can be an insurmountable obstacle to implementing the plan. Business and politics demand decisive action.

Yet, we can consider that doubt might be an instrument for better results. Moreover, doubt as an instrument is present in our life more often than we usually believe. For example, it is part of jurisprudence, medical services and scientific practices. Doubt is the beginning of the desired achievement in these spheres, and it gives fairer, deliberated and approved results. Then, doubt is a process by its character; it is going through procedures, rituals and institutionalisation highly developed. Judges, doctors and scientists achieve positive results through all these processes and actions.

Business, especially dealing with innovative industries, is a challenge with many unknowns that raise doubt. Moreover, the doubt usually is informed. Turning it into a systematic approach is a task for people who want better results. Picture
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