New business technologies: Theatre

Not long ago, everyone tried to be more professional and specific in her particular field. Today we can see other trends. They are the trends of looking for knowledge and techniques to obtain better competence by borrowing them from activities of our friends, neighbours and professionals previously regarded as irrelevant. What is common between an actor and a businessman? Trained voice and an ability to wear costumes? Not only. Theatres know how to keep the audience’s attention, how to move confidently, and what place to occupy in the space if you want to attract the audience’s attention. Actors manage the magic of making the reality from words and gestures. They are experts in self-empowerment – making the best practices of everyday life visible to everyone. The magic of the theatre transforms the reality in playing and playing in reality. According to D. Johnston. “Inside the Theatre of Business”, JBA 2021. Get more information CONTACT US:

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